Saturday, 19 May 2012

Easter Flowers

Easter Flowers brought out the hidden love in my sister. It happened last year, when after a long time I got a chance to spend some quality time with my sister. Distance is definitely an issue that keeps us apart, but a major reason was her workaholic nature that even the thought about family life eluded her. But this Easter I somehow managed to convince her and made her come home. And guess what; we had the best Easter weekend together.

She was absolutely delighted to get back home and even enjoyed helping me tend my flowers in the garden. She seemed content and at peace looking at all the flowers. That gave me an idea of a perfect Easter gift for my beloved sister. 

I surfed the Internet to get some floral arrangements or vase flower arrangements that I thought she might enjoy. While I was searching I remembered the flowers that I had received from my best friend from OnlineFlowers. I had got the Mixed Vase - Blues and Pinks floral arrangement from OnlineFlowers. The vase had the Easter flowers arranged very well. I didn't waste any time and immediately placed an order for the lovely flower bouquet arrangement for my sister. 

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