Sunday, 23 October 2011

Flowers For Valentines Day

It's the small things that matter in a relationship. Sending pre-made bouquet is really easy but if you can handpick flowers and put them together, the effort behind it is what really matters. As you know roses are the top pick for Valentine's Day. In fact florists all over the world prepare of this day in advance. Florists in Sydney actually recommend that people pre book their roses well in advance!
So what can you do to make valentines more special?
o Firstly pick each and every one of your roses and take all the time you need. There is nothing like hand picking every flower. Each flower becomes a gift and has it own story to tell. It may be a small step but believe us when we say it means a lot.
o If you are extremely romantic you might not need too much help from us. What you can do is have roses delivered every hour to her home and office for every hour before you meet. She will be blown away.

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