Friday, 12 August 2011

List Flowers

One of the integral flowers for butterfly garden is none other than the glossy Abelia (Abelia grandiflora). It is a hybrid cultivar, developed by crossing A. uniflora and A. chinensis. Basically a shrub, this flowering plant attracts hummingbirds too. The leaves are deciduous and turn reddish brown in fall. In spring, small, fragrant, tubular shaped flowers of pink and white are borne in clusters.
If you don't have a green thumb, and are looking for low maintenance flowers that attract butterflies, the Asclepias tuberosais an excellent choice. In fact, it is known as butterfly flower and butterfly weed, owing to its attraction to butterflies. Different types of butterflies visit this orange flower, especially the Monarch butterfly, pearl crescent, cabbage white and Eastern tiger swallowtail.
A perennial flowering herb indigenous to North America, bee balm (Monarda fistulosa) attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. You can choose from different bee balm varieties to complement your flower garden. Available in shades of pink, scarlet red and purple, flowers are borne in the tip of long stalks. Apart from regular watering, you can deadhead the spent blooms to extend the flowering period.

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