Friday, 12 August 2011

Flower Varieties

While planning a garden most of us work on coordinating colors and shades of the flowers. A written rule that needs to be planned while designing a flower garden is that every flower and leaf should complement each other and be harmonious in their essence. A haphazard garden, although it still requires an effort will never bring out the best of your flowers. This is not to say that one should only plan a garden in straight lines or follow a centric pattern. It could be just one grouping or a line, or even flowersplanted in most unusual shapes, anything that takes your fancy. As a garden is an extension of what you are, the colors you grow in them will speak of your wants and desires too.

Asters make for pretty fall flowers. With their varied shapes and vivid colors, these 'stars', as they are known, for their name comes from the Ancient Greek word astron, meaning a star because of their shape, adds that much wanted touch to your garden to beautify them. Hence, it is important one knows what aster flower varieties have to offer, to incorporate poetry in your landscape with some basic aster flower care.

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