Wednesday, 15 February 2012

State Flower Of Hawaii

Hibiscus, among the famous flowers in the world may remind of something. Visualize a red blossom attached or pinned into the hair of a woman. Yes, you are right. It is the national of Hawaii. This comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some have double petals while others are crested and some may come in single petal. Hibiscus may come in tiny 10 inches to 12 inches in size. These are some of the characteristics of this flower which proved its worth to become Hawaii state flower. Apart from these, Hibiscus has many varieties where each has an identity of its own. Each of the specie comes with its own name and distinct characteristics. Midnight Blue, Sun Showers, Sunny moon and Silver Shadow are some of Hibiscus enchanting specie names. Not only that it is beautiful and it symbolizes the natural beauty of the country it represents.

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