Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Flowers From Hawaii

The hibiscus is a beautiful flower that is closely associated with the state of Hawaii. In fact, it is known as Hawai's State Flower. While there are over 200 distinct species of this floral plant, only seven of them grow natively in the state of Hawaii. Tourists to the islands today may see many varieties of the hibiscus, but few of these are actually native plants. Other varieties have actually been brought to Hawaii from other tropical and subtropical climates around the world, where they grow as both annuals and perennials.
Hibiscus flowers are quite large, and are generally used for ornamental or landscaping purposes, either using cut flowers or the entire plant. These iconic flowers are often used in flower leis, though other flowers, particularly the orchid or plumeria, are also popular for this purpose. The cut flowers are often found decorating the side of a fruity tropical drink.

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