Monday, 20 February 2012

Hawaiian Wedding Flowers

There are few things more romantic than a destination wedding in Hawaii held at sunset, with a beautiful beach or waterfall as the backdrop. While Hawaii is considered a top wedding destination, it is also popular to hold a Hawaiian-themed wedding on the mainland. Whether you are from Hawaii or simply love the breathtaking beauty and relaxed lifestyle of the tropical islands, consider adding a few Hawaiian wedding traditions to your ceremony to set the tone for a memorable and romantic event.
In Hawaii, many weddings incorporate leis, which are wreaths or necklaces of fresh tropical flowers. You may choose to give leis as party favors to your guests, or have the wedding party wear them instead of corsages. The leis, which are considered symbols of love and commitment, may also be used in the ceremony itself. They may be exchanged between the bride and groom, or between the two families. In Hawaiian tradition, the fathers of the bride and groom are presented with a lei made of green tea leaves, while the mothers receive ginger leis. This gesture is meant as a symbol of gratitude.

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