Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Best Flowers Of The Rainforest

The tropical rainforest flowers naturally grow in places with rainy, humid and warm climates. It can grow successfully at indoors but should be carefully attended on their unique needs. Most of the species of this kind of flowers can survive best on temperature more than 65 degrees of Fahrenheit. It can even live outside the climate zones of 11 and 10. Apparently, there are some that can endure the winter season in zone 9 but should be incurred with proper protection. In some other areas, these plants are grown in greenhouses, containers or as annuals.
There are different types of tropical rainforest flowers that you can successfully plant and grow in your indoor garden or landscape. The first type is the "giant bird of paradise" or scientifically known as the Strelitzia Nicolai, which is prevalent in the South Africa. It is named in such way because it resembles the equally flamboyant bird of paradise. It is a truly an ornate species. However, if you are planning to plant this type of plant in your indoor garden, make sure that your pets won't reach them especially the dogs because dogs are very sensitive to the seed of this plant causing them to vomit and experience abdominal pains. It can even be very poisonous to the dogs.

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