Saturday, 7 August 2010

Most Beautiful Roses

Roses require rich and loamy soil. When choosing a spot to plant new roses pick one that gets at least six hours of sunshine a day. Roses don't like their feet wet so stay away from areas that don't drain well. Dig a hole twice as deep and wide as your rose bush container. Backfill the hole with a mixture of 50% compost and 50% of the soil you've removed. Sprinkle in slow release fertilizer per the package directions. Please the rose in the prepared hole. Make sure the soil line on the rose is at the same level as the soil line in your garden. You may have to fill the hole a little more or remove a bit of soil. When you're satisfied, place the bush in the hole and fill the hole half way and water well. When the water has drained completely fill in the hole.

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