Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Pink Bleeding Heart

Heracles, the Greeks referred him. Hercules, the Romans named him. He was celebrated for his bravery and force. He was conceptualized by his mother, Alcmene, when she was seduced by Zeus who was the greatest deity of Olympus. Hercules assumed a pair of bracelets. It is in this belief that Roman warriors and even foremost gladiators assumed bracelets to war that emphasized their physical powerfulnesses and throbbing invincibility. In the primal European civilizations, men assumed these decorative stripes as tokens of romance by their women. They circled either the strong wrists or the fine-toned biceps. The latest Hercules does not just wear any bracelet to embody the traits of his mythological precedent. He dons valentine bracelets that are intricately produced from a simulated element named cubic zirconia. Essential features of this material are its hardness, colorlessness unless when differently needed, cubic crystals configurations, and noticeable radiance.

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